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When you come to our synagogue, you enter a sanctuary of support, friendship, learning and community.You also enter a place of enhanced spirituality and inspiration. Our worship services, complete with incredible music, moving words and approachable prayer will fill your hearts with all that you need. Our motto is that "one should feel better when they leave Temple than when they walked in."

Please know that our doors are wide open for you to experience Jewish life to its fullest.



1st Friday of the Month: Family Shabbat Services, 6:30 pm
"Family Shabbat Services" gear toward 1st through 8th graders and their families and anyone who enjoys celebrating Shabbat in a family atmosphere. The service is filled with music, presentations from our Religious School classes and encompasses the values we strive to pass on from generation to generation.

2nd and 3rd Fridays of the Month: Shabbat Services, 7:00 pm
Through our liturgy, powerful music, inspiring sermons and the most intriguing of speakers, educators and community leaders, our Clergy leads our community in worship to help you wind down your week in a meaningful and "feel good" way.

Last Fridays of the Month: One Voice Shabbat (in memory of Ann Browne): 7:00 pm
This is the sound of One Voice!

One Voice Shabbat fills our spirit through the power of musical prayer. With special musical guests and themes, these services will make you move and groove!


Sermon in Song

We also feature a "Sermon in Song": words intertwined with Jewish and Secular songs to bring our words and values to life through music.

Here is an example of a One Voice Shabbat "Sermon in Song":

Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783