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Safe and Healthy Members

COVID-19 Protocol Update 8/1/22


During the past two and a half years, our synagogue has striven to keep all people at Temple safe and healthy.  We have followed the science carefully and then after major changes to local, state and federal protocols, we waited a few weeks to make changes to our own protocols, always taking a more cautious approach.

Given that the trending of new cases are less in Orange County, and the vaccination rates in Orange County and California are very high, and the CDC reports that the community level of spread in Orange County is “green,” meaning very low; masks will no longer be required on campus.  The health authorities still highly recommend mask-wearing inside and so do we, but it is not mandatory. And of course, those who choose to continue to wear masks will be supported. However, if a person is not vaccinated, he/she will be required to wear a mask.

Our commitment is to continue to follow the science.  If things change and the numbers rise, we will re-evaluate our protocols once again. 

We understand there is anxiety about Covid and we want to ensure all feel comfortable participating.  We will continue to offer seating outside for services. We will continue to stream our services.  If there are extenuating circumstances that you would like to discuss, please call one of our rabbis. They understand how hard, challenging and trying these last two and a half years have been.

In Jewish tradition, when one has passed through a challenging time, we recite a prayer known as Gomeil.  We invite you to recite this prayer to acknowledge passing through this difficult time and now entering a new phase of living life with fullness and vigor.

Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu melech haolam, sheg'malanu kol tov.

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the universe, who has bestowed every goodness upon us


Susan Taylor, Co-President

Heath Liner, Co-President

Dr. Rachel Harman, Chair of Covid Committee

Rabbi Richard Steinberg, Senior Rabbi

Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783